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affiliated faculty

Robert Beck Education UC Irvine
Hank Becker Education UC Irvine
Kristen Day, Social Ecology Community Outreach Partnership Center UC Irvine
Derek Dunn-Rankin Engineering UC Irvine
Scott Jordan Engineering/ICS UC Irvine
David Kay ICS UC Irvine
Martha Mecartney Engineering UC Irvine
Simon Penny Arts/Engineering/ICS UC Irvine
Gloria Mark ICS UC Irvine
Bonnie Nardi ICS UC Irvine
Amelia Regan Civil Engineering/ICS UC Irvine
Judy Rosener GSM UC Irvine
Bill Tomlinson Arts/Engineering/ICS UC Irvine
Walt Scacchi Institute for Software Research UC Irvine
André van der Hoek ICS UC Irvine
Mark Warschauer Education/ICS UC Irvine
Marguerite Bonous-Hammarth Institute for Social Science Research UC Irvine
Director of Admissions UC Los Angeles
Rebecca Allen
Design/Media Arts UC Los Angeles
Deborah Estrin UC Los Angeles UC Los Angeles
Yasmin Kafai Education UC Los Angeles
Jane Margolis Education & Information Systems UC Los Angeles
Alice Agogino Mechanical Engineering UC Berkeley
Francine Berman Computer Science & Engineering UC San Diego
Jeanne Ferrante Computer Science & Engineering UC San Diego
Fan Chung Graham Computer Science & Engineering Mathematics UC San Diego
Ron Graham Computer Science & Engineering Mathematics UC San Diego

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